Online business management for growth-minded coaches and CEOs 


I drive and oversee your online operations and teams to ensure your business runs and scales efficiently. 

You've got the CEO vision; I bring the strategy, tech, and operational expertise. Together? We're unstoppable. With a deep dive into your data and a personal touch to our partnership, I help turn your brilliant ideas into actionable results.

My 1:1 approach hones your business backend into a seamless flow:  teams that communicate, tools tailored for your business, and decisions driven by real insights. No more guesswork. Just clarity and results.

Picture this: A world where your brilliance isn’t shadowed by back-end blues. Where your clients are not just wooed by your wisdom but wowed by the experience. 

With me by your side, you can fully embrace your CEO role. Why? Because you'll know that your entire business backend is running smoothly. 

Your OBM Partner


"Truly, Qwantel has been a Godsend. I needed direction for the growth of my business. I knew what I saw in mind but it was hard to pull the pieces together. Qwantel led my thoughts into the tangible with a kind, patient, yet action-oriented fashion. She didn't allow any of my goals to fall through the cracks, keeping me in line by laying out content, processes and procedures to guide my trajectory. She's been a tremendous asset to my business and life. Qwantel is a professional that can be trusted to deliver with excellence in all she does. I'd highly recommend her."

My signature offering where I manage, strategize, and streamline your growing business. Regain efficiency as I handle operations, systems, program management hiring...all your nooks and crannies.

Full support offered as a 90-day retainer package.



Access my marketing and operations digital essentials. As you browse, you will find freebies, tech stacks, even community resources bundled with ease, structure, and automation. 

All available at the click of a button.


These 2 hour strategy sessions are subject-focused, designed to supercharge operations. Walk away with the clarity, confidence and a master plan for immediate implementation. 

It’s like expertise on tap.