Online Business Management for Visionary CEOs dominating their industry

You have everything you need inside of you - you just need the right growth partner who's ready to help you take that growth to the next level. 

Good thing you've landed here. Welcome.

I need you to know that I get *waves vaguely up and down* alllllllllll of  this.

You have put so much grit and hustle into getting where you are today, in fact, you still believe Drake was inspired by you when he penned “Started from the Bottom”. 

You learned the lessons the hard way, had to pivot more than a Knicks player at the playoffs, pulled together the dream team, and did it all in style (that last brand shoot by the way…chefs kiss). 

And yet, there’s an invisible ceiling you just can’t breakthrough to get to the next goal line. 

Oh, you know you’ll get there, there’s no doubt about that. The question is how. 

Fun fact: That doesn't have to be your problem. 

Before we get into the nitty gritty of business magic and mastery I have planned for you (like…it’s a lot),

hey you, i'm qwantel

“Ooooh, you mean I can just hand over my business to you and you’ll take care of it all?”


I’m here with the full plan and the exact business tools, systems and processes you need to make your visions a reality!

 I'll be your guide through the maze of business data and metrics, helping you decipher what's working, what's not, and what needs to change to reach your next level of growth. 

And yes, I'm with you the the entire way;

I’m your strategist, your implementation, your coordinator and the one you want to celebrate with when it all comes together in the end (so get that bubbly on ice). 

Because growth doesn’t need to be difficult, lonely, or complicated. It just needs the right support. 

Now let’s bust out those plans, we've got work to do. 

The best growth happens when you work in collaboration with a real partner, someone that can spot the holes before you fall in them, layout a plan to help you overcome them and create the perfect contingency plan when you don’t listen to that initial plan (because I know how you visionaries roll, okay?)

At the end of the day your business is in fact your business and it’s important you know what’s going on in it (no matter how all-star your team may be). 




"Truly, Qwantel has been a Godsend. I needed direction for the growth of my business. I knew what I saw in mind but it was hard to pull the pieces together. Qwantel led my thoughts into the tangible with a kind, patient, yet action-oriented fashion. She didn't allow any of my goals to fall through the cracks, keeping me in line by laying out content, processes and procedures to guide my trajectory. She's been a tremendous asset to my business and life. Qwantel is a professional that can be trusted to deliver with excellence in all she does. I'd highly recommend her."

I wouldn’t hand my baby over to any stranger I met on the street, and I wouldn’t expect you to do the same This is not meant to be a cold, sterile business process. You and I are about to become ride-or-die-you-jumped-in-so-now-I-gotta-jump-in-too level besties. But it starts with you getting to know me better…


The crown jewel of my offerings, in limited supply and for a good reason…I get insanely deep into your business.  From project management to operations management, from marketing and metrics to getting your people together…this offer covers it all. 

How much can change in your business in just two hours? Honestly, everything. My 1:1 business sessions will get you “oh damn, how did I miss that?” clarity and on the spot implementation in less time than a Friday night luxury dinner door dash.