So this is usually where I share with you that key moment where sparks flew and I discovered my innate purpose for helping business owners thrive…

Believe it or not, it was born from a not-so-ordinary upbringing. 

No, I'm not taking you on a roller coaster of pity or despair here,  because a) I’m not a fan of victimlandia and b) I feel like my therapist has heard enough about it for everyone, but I will say if while younger, I did live through the kind of circumstances that make you think ten steps ahead, look at every angle, every detail, and figure out how to make it work in the way you need it to work. 

Because while some peoples “secret sauce” comes purely from experience and learning (and yes, I received plenty of that as well - ya girl has the degrees and certifications to prove it), for others it comes out of necessity, survival, it becomes second nature. 

So when I say I have strategy, execution and “spotting the problem areas” engrained in me, honey I mean it. 

Why is that important to our work together?

But I quickly realized that they were trying to put a “quick campaign” bandaid hoping it would cover all of their business needs. 

Spoiler alert: it didn’t. 

Great marketing alone can only take you so far, and once you hit a certain level there are multiple areas of your business that need to be turned on it’s head, cleaned up and resystemized (there’s a good chance you’re realizing this right now). 

So I stepped in an helped my clients look at the full, end to end picture, beyond the marketing and deep into the strategy, implementation, and “what comes next” of their business structure. 

The result: Growth became a given. 

When it comes to your business I'll be putting on my thinking cap to startegize "if I was in their shoes, what would I do?"

No more chasing every “you should try this hot new project management tool…”

Or second guessing “is the price wrong on the offer or is it the offer entirely?” 
Or wondering “Is this email list even good?”

What needed to happen next was clear, and most importantly it got done. 
I know, because I was the one doing it.  

You see, I have never been in fast fixes or trendy “one size fits all” business strategies. I’m here to provide customized solutions that actually move the needle in your business and to be there right along side you to help you execute them. 

No “hit it and quit it” (ie dumping you with a strategy and waving goodbye while I count your money and you’re left wondering how the hell you’re going to get it all implemented). I’m about being right here beside you, every step of the way. 

Originally, this gift was put purely toward marketing efforts for my clients.

why  ?


That’s the what, here’s the how…

At Qwantel Latay Online Business Management having to choose between scaling your business and showing up as your whole authentic self should never be a thing. Growing your business to reach a wider audience is what allows you to make a greater impact in this world, and we are absolutely here for it. Which is why on THIS side of Beyonce’s internet we fully celebrate all colors, genders, and lifestyles and fully back minority and LGBTQ led businesses. 

And honey, if you can’t roll with that consider this one less tab in your browser to keep open.