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How to Enable Automatic Receipts in Stripe

If you’re using Stripe to manage payments for your business, sending receipts to customers for each transaction is not just good practice—it’s also often a requirement for keeping financial records transparent. Fortunately, Stripe makes it easy to automate this process. In this post, I’ll walk you through the steps to enable automatic receipts so that your customers will receive an email receipt every time they make a payment.

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Step 1: Log In to Your Stripe Dashboard

First things first, you need to access your Stripe account. Visit the Stripe website and log in with your credentials. Make sure that you have administrative access to the settings.

Step 2: Navigate to the Settings

Once logged in, look for the sidebar on your Stripe Dashboard. Click on ‘Settings’, which is typically located at the bottom top corner next to the Stripe plus sign.

Step 3: Click on Business Settings

In the Settings menu there will be a drop-down menu to choose from. Click “customer email”, once inside highlight and turn on the successful payments, as well as the refund buttons If not highlighted in blue the customer will not receive this email.

Once on the setting will automatically save. That’s it!

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April 14, 2024