End to End Support for Next Level Growth


Let's face it, this isn't a baby business you're dealing with anymore.


Gone are the days where you presented yourself online with generic cringe worthy photos and a forced smile, feeling disconnected from your true self.

You’ve got your team. 
You’ve got a suite of offers. 
You’ve got a solid community.

You're owning your corner of the industry in a big way. 

My job, hell…my purpose, is to help make sure you have a growth partner in your business that understands where you're headed. I want to get my hands on every area of your business so you can hit the level of growth that you know is waiting for you (even if you don’t necessarily know how you’ll get there). 

Multiple aspects of your business will shape the level of success you experience in the next 3-5 years.
You don’t need to be worrying about them all on your own. You need a growth partner. 

You need me. 

"Working with Qwantel is truly...lifechanging! The things that she's done within my business would have taken me years to do! It's like having your business best friend. She knows everything about my business..I'm talking about all the details! Having somebody root for you, and having somebody go to bat for you, and having somebody who believes in you, more than you believe in yourself at times is so important." 

OBMs will either have all the management experience but lack the know-how and skill necessary to do the systems (yep it's some folks who just stick to management) 


They'll have all the implementation doing skills but zero strategy or leadership background leaving you with another rockstar doer. 

Which lands you right where you started. Until now... You've officially met your Unicorn of OBMs who can: 

  • Architect and Oversee Your Your Strategy for your business goals
  • Build your team while cultivating company culture
  • Be held accountable to execute your vision so you don't have to it yourself
  • Translate your Data into measurable impact for your marketing efforts (cause ya girl is obsessed with some marketing and data)

I'm here with you through it all providing you the strategy, structure and support you need. You're in for a ride (and it's going to be gooood)! 

Your "Unicorn of OBMs" 

"When I hired Qwantel, she immediately jumped in, took action and started taking ownership of things in my business....and that's something that I think is important in your operations manager...I think that's the difference between having someone like an OBM and VA, it's an unequal comparison..."

Now in this partnership we're going to be SUPER close but that doesn't mean I'll hop on every magical idea if the data and logistics don't match it.  I won’t tell you “Let’s try this trendy new campaign concept” if it’s not what’s historically worked with your type of audience. 

I'm going to tell you “yeaaaah, let’s think that one through a little more.” And even when you don't listen to me, I'll help you pivot and make a mistake into a success (because again, I know how you visionaries role lol). 

Does that mean I sometimes play the role of "blunt friend?" Yeah maybe. 

Not Another “Yes (Wo)Man”

It means looking at past campaigns and marketing tactics and asking “did this really work as well as we think it did?” It means checking if it really makes sense to have eighty eleven different project management tools. It means looking at how many hours you say you want to work and if that offer really honors that (or is sustainable in the future) and finally..it means figuring out how the hell to tie it all together. 

This is what the Online Business Management offer is all about. 

Yes, it’s result driven (because frankly anything outside of getting results just feels silly).

Yes, it means we’re in it together for the long haul. 

And yes, it’s incredibly in depth…which is why I only offer it to a select few. 

Ready to become one of them?

But here's the thing

I'm here to make you money. Periot. 

I am here to help you grow in a way that actually makes long term sense (not short-term shiny).


And truly having your back means I’m also looking at your front and your sides. 

how do you know if you're ready to hire (this) obm?

Let's face it, having an OBM isn't for everyone and that's okay. But here are few qualities of those who were best aligned and hired me as their OBM: 

They've reached the mid-6 figure - 7 figure mark and knew they could no longer operate on their own without the right growth support. 

They were ambitious, and although they had the skills and genius in their expertise, they lacked the time to keep up with the operations and systems knowledge to continue their growth. 

They understood I was coming in to refine not build from the ground up. 

They understood this is a partnership, and we were in this together, I was not just another employee or contractor on their team. 

Let’s take a stroll through the idea cemetery together…shall we? Aw, RIP to that launch where you outsourced all that great content creation but somehow it never got plugged in or sent out. Oh, can’t forget to pour one out for that new program you’ve been dreaming about creating but have no idea where to start (or the time to lay it out for that matter). See where I’m going with this? 

You are filled with brilliant ideas just waiting to earn your business money and they deserve to see the light of day (not stay hidden in the 125th notebook you bought from Target). 

I’ll work with you on everything from creating those new revenue streams to updating your website and actually getting it all done on time. 

Your backend systems and processes have come such a long way from when you first started, and judging by the lack of fires that need putting out all of your bases are covered. That is, for this stage of your business. But what about the next stage?

And are all these bells and whistles really doing what they’re meant to do or just creating extra charges for your business account? 

I’ll make sure your systems, tools and automations actually make sense for where your business currently is and where it’s going while also ensuring all those shiny tools you’re subscribed to are either being utilized to their fullest or kicked to the curb (for real, that’s easily extra cash for your weekly latte or a good bottle of wine). 

operations management

At some point you were probably told that hiring is what would give you back more time in your business and help you focus on the areas that matter…

While this is true, it’s rare that it ends at the hiring of the people. 
There’s also the training of the people. 
And the managing of the people.
And the “communicating this badass idea you had at 11 pm in the shower” to the people. 

And that can be, well, exhausting. Hand it over to me, I’ve got you covered. 





PRoject management

Data management

people management

There’s a concept I’m going to need you to get familiar with if we work together:
Data is sexy as hell. 

And it’s okay if you don’t feel that way now, but once you see how much clearer your next big business moves come because we’ve got all that BD (big data) energy from all of your platforms, web pages, lists and more, I can guarantee you’re going to agree. 

The good news is, you don’t have to be the one to source and gather those metrics yourself, you can delegate your data to me. I’ll organize them into one place and translate them into a seemless strategy. 

As your growth partner I've got your back and backend details with:

Here’s how it all works…

Growth is a science, which means it’s not just about making sure that the areas above are running smoother than Michael Jacksons back up dancers, it means making sure these pieces are all working together in a way that makes sense. 

Which is why over the first 3-months, we focus on…

What has been successful for you and what has fallen flat? And most importantly what’s the ingredient X that has made your clientele return to you time and time again. From team roles, to marketing, to offerings…we’ll analyze what brought you here and what may not be able to come to the next level. 

Chances are you aren’t who you were when you first started this business. 
Growing for the sake of growing isn’t what matters. Growing in a way that matches your personal lifestyle goals and how you want to show up in your business…well that’s everything.

Finally, we’re create a clear goal line with metrics that establish where it is you want to be. 300 members in that new offering? Finally crossing the 7-figure line?  We’ll define what next level success looks like for you, layout the plan to get there and track along the way. 

Where You’ve Been 

where you're at

where you're going

If there’s one thing I want you to take away from just how in-depth this process is, it’s that I’m deeply invested in your success. This isn’t a single-serving business relationship, this is a hype-you-up, your-win-is-my-win bestie status. 

In fact, we might even need matching T-shirts. Let me get on that. 




the process



Fill out the online application, and I'll respond within 24-48 hours with an option to schedule a discovery call. The application is needed because I only serve a limited number of clients bi-annually, and I want to ensure we're the perfect fit. 

Application Call 


During our call, we'll chat about your current business needs and goals. We'll get into the "why" of you reaching out, followed by discussing the OBM retainer (and what each entails).

Contract+ Investment


If we're a fit, I'll send over a contract, and a link to make you first payment (all payments after that will be automatically recurring). 

The First 90 days Begin


The first 90 days will begin. month will be focused on each part of the Strategy, Structure and Support Framework. This includes developing strategies, implementing them, and managing their impact. This will be important as I learn the ropes. 

month 1

month 2

month 3

month 2

month 3


Narrow Down Goals + Set Up Systems

In the first month I hit the ground running in learning your business and how you currently operate. While I'm in observation mode, I will provide strategic guidance and make changes to systems based on the goals and desires you have for the business (for the 90 day period). When you first onboard we will have a 90-minute strategy session. In this session we we will discuss your visions, and business goals, and your current revenue generating activities and services.  

Note - Systems setup is extremely important. However since your contract is retained for 90 days. We will focus on one signature service for your systems setup in the first month. 

month 1

month 2

month 3

month 2

month 3


Project Planning & Standard Operating Procedures 

In this month, we will focus on aligning your project schedule, streamlining your team communication and create/re-write Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for your assigned projects. 

Note: A revamp of all your SOPs will not be done in this month. We will focus on a your discussed projects and create (or clean up) your SOP Database and focus on the SOPs that need immediate attention. 

month 1

month 2

month 3

month 2

month 3


Measurement Implementation

During this month we will look into your marketing tactics and I will provide you with a measurement dashboard to help you know  WHERE  your traffic is coming from.  By understanding your traffic, and having measurements in ONE location it helps us structure where you need to align your marketing efforts.  PLUS this will help with your monthly reporting to make sure we can guide your team to hit business goals. Data is SO important for your business. This is a must-have.  

month 1

month 2

month 3

month 2

month 3


I'm ready what happens next?

All OBM retainers require a 3 month minimum commitment with an option to continue for another  6 months (being that our relationship goes well).  You can apply online via my application form. 

Note -  there is no cookie-cutter way to business operations and management. Every client is different. So each package is customizable to fit the client needs. 

"Qwantel's commitment to excellence is unmatched! In less than a year, she's helped me improve every aspect of my business. I've seen growth in my income and overall clarity in my business. The systems and SOPs she's implemented have allowed me to hit goals that had previously taken a back seat. I'm much more confident in making decisions, and feel at ease bringing her all of my big crazy ideas and goals! I know she won't let anything slip through the cracks, and that the work will get done! The fact that she's a joy to work with and a great team player is the icing on the cake."

Frequently Asked Questions 

so many terms (VA, OBM, PM) which one do i choose?

A VA provides basic task support. They receive the task and complete it, they don’t typically strategize or oversee projects. They are the task-doers and know less about the big picture workings of your business. The four key things that sets an OBM apart from a virtual assistant are responsibilities, level of autonomy, skills, and compensation. I talk about these more in my blog post here.

A PM oversees specific projects. They are less in the business as a whole and can handle onboarding and off-boarding clients, maintaining communication between you and your clients. They generally only have access to the client side of your business, or occasionally internal projects like launches.

An OBM provides hands-on project and operational support for your business. They give project oversight, and create and implement strategies. They support the day-to-day operations of a business: making sure projects are on schedule, handling communication with clients and team members, managing situations that pop up, and making sure all systems in the business are running smoothly. Ops Managers know the ins and outs of your business systems as they often are the ones who built them in the first place.

do you work on an hourly basis?

No. I provide a flat rate instead of an hourly fee, so you always know exactly what your expenses will be each month (your bookkeeeper will love me lol). 

who do you typically work with?

Online Service Providers : Consultants, Systems Experts, Strategists) 

Coaches: Digital Content Creators, Marketing Coaches, Systems Strategist Coaches, Health/Fitness  Coaches) 

Virtual Professional Service People (Lawyers, Doctors, Accountants) 

is it okay if i'm not organized yet?

Absolutely! Whether you're organized or not, I'd love to work with you. I always start with an audit of your current situation and provide you with a systems and operations strategy to get things organized in your business. #judgementfreezone

do you work with people who don't have clients?

Not at this time. Each of my clients must have clients in some capacity. However, I do offer an on-the-spot strategy call intensive for those who do not have clients or want to focus their business on digital products and memberships. 

do I have to use the systems you use? 

 I like to take a system-agnostic approach, meaning it doesn't matter to me what systems you want. All the strategies I provide are adaptable to the systems that feel good to you! I'm well-versed in several systems, and if I'm not aware of the one you have in mind, I'll do deep research until we find the perfect one for your current needs. 

I'm ​​​​already maxed out, and don't know if I can ​dedicate the ​time to work with you. How would we ​get started?

In full transparency, this is no quick fix. I'm not a magical fairy (although some may think this) like anything worth achieving, it takes time to follow the process. I don't need my hand held, but I do need your full participation and attention to learn how you operate. Your current burnout is a signal that you’ve been spending your resources on the wrong things. While it's not going to be an instant remedy for your burnout, it is the next step in untangling you from the overload of roles causing burnout.

While it's not going to be an instant remedy for your burnout, it is the next step in untangling you from the overload of roles causing burnout.

who will i be working with?

You'll be working directly with me (Qwantel). I'll handle the high-level OBM strategy and maintain your team to manage the day-to-day operations of your business. 

"This woman took my business in her palm, twirled it up in the air, and produced the best tasting straight-out-of-Italy pizza I’ve ever had in my life.

With a marketing background, I understand that a lot of people say they get online branding and how it flows with your overall online systems and presence but don’t really GET IT. If you truly allow her to take the wheel, you’ll see so many gains!!"

Qwantel is truly a gem for my business. It’s like I’ve prayed for her all my life!

She communicates professionally, pays attention to what does and doesn't work, and never takes herself or anything personally to CREATE RESULTS for you to WIN! I'd highly recommend her."

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