Speaking & Collaboration

Use this form to start the convo to invite me to your event, chat on your podcast or create some awesome content with you. Below are a few topics I speak on:

  • SOPs
  • Systems Training
  • Team Management and Remote Work
  • How to Build Lean Systems and Teams in Your Business. 
  • How to Transition from Doer to Delegator
  • How to Use Data to Make Informed Decisions in Your Business

Official Bio And Headshots


Qwantel has been a pivotal force in online business management since 2018, dedicating herself to empowering entrepreneurs across various industries to achieve operational excellence and sustainable growth.

With her deep expertise in system optimizations, strategic planning, and team leadership, Qwantel’s approach goes beyond immediate fixes to ensure businesses thrive with or without the constant presence of their owners. Her innovative program, the Back Office Blueprint, complements her tailored consulting services, providing a structured path to seamless operations and the long-term success of her clients.


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