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Online Business Management for Group Program, Mastermind & Membership CEOs. 

If doing it alone were possible, you would have done it already.

We often tell ourselves that we’ll figure it out on our own, but often knowing what to do isn’t really the issue. The real issue is having the support you need so you can focus and finally, execute.

And let's face it, your business is growing faster than you can spell Mississippi, and you realize to get the next level, which includes mastering the necessary systems, managing virtual teams effectively, scaling without feeling scattered, and streamlining operations for maximum efficiency, you need a growth partner who can get you beyond the trial and error and moments of doubt.

The sooner you get the support you need, the sooner you’ll be able to really experience the freedom and flexibility you’ve been working towards within your business. That's where I come in. 

I'm here to bring you the "it's handled" energy you crave in your business. 

As your online business manager and growth partner, I help group program, and mastermind CEOs like you ditch the overwhelm and scale with ease.

I'm the type of partner who spots the holes before you fall into them. I lay out plans to help you overcome them and create the perfect backup plan when you don't listen (because I know how you visionaries roll, okay?).

My exclusive 1:1 approach to online business management allows me to pay close attention to your business and tailor my knowledge of systems, data, and tech to all parts of it. This approach also enables me to effectively manage your team and ensure everyone thrives by owning their roles. While many online business managers succeed without technical and theoretical qualifications, my high-level knowledge means that when you book with me, it’s like that time you ordered Chick-Fil-A and got an extra set of fries, oh so unexpected but totally needed. 

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What's on the menu? 


My mentorship program is perfect for OBMs who want personalized support, tangible advice, and helpful resources for advancing their OBM careers. 

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Shop the digital goods that keep your business running like a well-oiled machine. With a simple, click, purchase and install you'll be ready to go!


With this signature offering, you'll receive monthly business management support, helping you manage, strategize, and streamline your growing business.



What is an Online Business Manager?

An OBM is not...

An OBM is....

A Strategic Growth Partner: We help you craft a clear vision and roadmap to achieve your business goals, so you can stop feeling lost and finally gain traction. 

A Systems & Automation Whisperer:  We design, improve and implement systems that automate repetitive tasks and streamline your operations, freeing you up to focus on the things that truly matter.

A People and Process Powerhouse: We help you develop your doers (kiss awkward hellos and tough convos goodbye) and create an environment where everyone thrives with someone to setup the systems that frees their brain power to truly own their roles.

A Task Ticker (aka VA):  Both roles serve two different purposes that can greatly contribute to your business growth. Lean on your OBM for strategy, 180 operations, and systems management. Turn to your VA to task it through. 

A Temporary Fix: We're not a short-term solution for immediate problems, but a strategic addition to your team. We are a long-term investment in your business’s growth and scalability.

Not another "Yes" (Wo)man: We don't just hop onto your next magical idea if the data and the logistics don’t match it. And yes, there may be times where I have to play the “mean mom." 

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Other Ways I Can Serve You

System Strategy Intensive

 My 1:1 On the Spot Implementation that gives you   “oh damn, how did I miss that?” clarity, in less time than a Friday night door dash.


The Back Office Boutique

Shop the digital goods that keep your business running like a well-oiled machine. With a simple, click, purchase and install you'll be ready to go!

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"Working with Q, directly restore elements of myself and the business that I needed and I didn't know that that is what I was asking for we first conneted. I'm able to now remember why I started..."

"Working with Q, directly restored elements of myself and the business..." 

- Mahdi, ceo of 100k campaign

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"Truly, Qwantel has been a Godsend. I needed direction for the growth of my business. I knew what I saw in mind but it was hard to pull the pieces together. Qwantel led my thoughts into the tangible with a kind, patient, yet action-oriented fashion. She didn't allow any of my goals to fall through the cracks, keeping me in line by laying out content, processes and procedures to guide my trajectory. She's been a tremendous asset to my business and life. Qwantel is a professional that can be trusted to deliver with excellence in all she does. I'd highly recommend her."

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"She's been a major asset to my business  & life..." 

- Kanishia, ceo of kani gordon hair group

"I love our dynamics in general! She thinks about the client delivery and she thinks about the data and operations and systems side of things. It' like having a right-hand partner and data wizard all in one..."

"A right-hand partner and data wizard all in one..." 

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- taeler, ceo of taeler de haes

"Q is definitely worth every single penny! Since working with her I feel confident that my backend is handled and I can focus on what I need to keep my business running.  I discover something new every single time we're together..."

"I discover something new, every single time we're together!" 

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- jasmine, ceo of baddies and budgets